3 Mobile Customer Services – 0843 487 1827

3 Mobile Customer Services3 Mobile Customer Services serves clients of the Three telecommunications company in the United Kingdom. The company’s network reaches 97% of the UK’s consumers and includes tablets, mobile broadband and cellular phones. 3 Mobile has numerous departments, such as Credit, Collections and Accounts. People who have a mobile account with them sometimes need specialised assistance in sales, settling outstanding sums on their bill or using the Internet.

You can use the 3 Mobile contact number to get help from the customer service team at any time. Never hesitate to call if you think their team has not done a good job because by doing so you help them to provide better service. If you need to buy a Sony Xperia or change the SIM plan for your phone you should call them today.

Does 3 Mobile have SIM plans that allow you to pay as you go?

Yes. You can top up your SIM as you go by using 3 Mobile. When you order a pay as you go SIM via 3 Mobile, your order is sent to you via first class delivery and shipping is absolutely free. Use your 3 Mobile account to get great rates just for topping up. You can get your SIM for free and choose from affordable plans that last thirty days each.

Use the 3 Mobile Phone Number to Contact Customer Care

You may call the customer service department from any other phone but a cost is attached to that. Use these numbers to speak to customer care to report a network problem or about any issue that you are having:

  • 0843 487 1827* (for a phone account)
  • 0843 487 1827* (for a mobile broadband account)

There is also a 3 Mobile contact number to use when you are abroad and need help with your phone or with the Internet. You may use 0843 487 1827** for a phone account or +44 7782 333 500** if you have mobile broadband.

If you have a question about buying a new phone or any other product, you may contact the Sales team directly by using this 3 Mobile contact number: 0843 487 1827

Calling from your 3 Mobile phone is free. Contact 3 Mobile Customer Services by using the 3 Mobile phone number if:

  • You want to block thieves from accessing your details on a lost or stolen phone¬†
  • You need help with understanding your bill
  • You are not receiving your E-Bill on time
  • You want to opt out of promotional SMS messages

If you have any queries or questions, call the 3 customer service number now. Their team are always ready to deal with any situation and offer assistance.