3 Mobile FAQs

3 Mobile FAQThree is the mobile network specifically built for the internet. It is one of the most popular mobile network providers and some popular FAQs dealt with by the 3 mobile phone number team include:

What makes 3 Mobile such an internet-friendly network?

The 3G network is the fastest available in the UK and is geared around internet use; whether customers want to Skype friends or relatives, Google search answers to puzzling questions, tweet or stream popular television programmes while away from home, 3 is the network providing optimum internet customer services.

Why choose 3 Mobile?

Some of the best reasons to choose a plan from 3 Mobile include the facts that there are no price hikes for pay monthly customers, all 0800 calls are free of charge for new contract holders and no roaming charges are made with the Feel at Home option in the contract.

What about 4G? When will that be available to 3 Mobile customers?

4G is the latest development in mobile technologies, giving faster download speeds with reduced latency. The 3 Mobile advanced 3G network is so fast most customers won’t notice much difference when switching to 4G. 3 Mobile has already launched 4G in some areas of the UK and just so long as customers download all 4G software to the 3 Mobile phone the 4G service will be available on phones in areas where the network has already been launched.

What customer support is available?

Customers joining the 3 Mobile network find a wealth of support services including assistance with technical support for phones and other devices, wide ranging support on the 3 Mobile website and from telephone customer services operatives or from any of the Three shops in the UK.

What does 3 Mobile offer its customers?

3 Mobile offers customers a variety of mobile and mobile broadband services. Customers can choose pay as you go mobile services or monthly contract plans and have full freedom to use their mobile phone while abroad, the 3 Mobile internet service fully supports downloads and any apps required to get the most from mobile phone use and the mobile broadband service ensures computer access to the internet no matter where customers are situated in the world.

It is hoped these common 3 Mobile FAQ will answer some of the more typical customer queries about this popular mobile phone and mobile network provider.